****** Commodore64Service ******
                ********** Fill free to contact us as we are back online july 2020 **********
      1) We are only staying online to repair commodore 64 from july 2020 to june 2023.
         2) I host my own web site and due to my age I will no longer repair any more C64.
         3) My old web site was close down due price from server was high. Below is the
             old web site : ( )
        4) We are only repair the commodore 64 as we have parts instock and we are not
             service any keyboard and you must only send the main board and do not send
             the Commodore 64 + Case. Here is the picture below ( YES) & (NO)
   We Repair the Commodore 64 only
                                                  Shipping Charge
Standard Shipping must be no more than 500gm
Express Shipping must be no more than 3kg
Service Charge with Socket install
Service Charge with no Socket install
Shipping charge Commodore 64 Board from $15.00 to $25.00
Here is the Price for Shipping Charge
             We Are Selling Parts for the Commodore 64 in Australia

         We are going to sell Commodore 64 Replacement Only and if you have other problem with your
         C64 we will Service it all price are below & shipping charge.
        Replacement Parts & some part will be limit to 1 to 2 parts to Customer & all payment is paypal only

        Go to the C64 Parts page and there is a list of Replacement parts for Sale
        We have Replacement PCB for the 82S100 PLA & for the SID 6581 & for the 2364 Char Rom & for
        2364 Kernal Rom , Basic Rom if you like to Add the parts on the PCB your self you can buy the PCB
        All PCB come Complete with picture lay out and parts Instruction.

        Go to the C64 Parts page and there is a list of Replacement parts for Sale


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